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A Wildlife Experience!

The blow, the back, the fluke... the jump!

To see a jumping humpback whale is high on the wish list of anyone who visits Alaska's Prince William Sound.

Humpback whales are baleen feeders, consuming nearly a ton of food a day , mostly plankton and krill. They migrate 6,000 miles to reach their summer feeding grounds in Alaska . Humpbacks average 45 feet and weigh 35-40 tons!

On board of the M/V Valdez Spirit of Stan Stephens Glacier- and Wildlife Cruises we spotted sounding, breaching and jumping humpbacks, during a full day of watching marine wildlife and impressive glaciers!

Geplaatst 210.jpg

A jumping humpback whale in the pristine waters of the Prince William Sound, Alaska.

The blow...,

the back...,

the fluke...,

the jump!

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