This is how you photograph Iceland

This interview was published on the Iceland Travel Blog Iceland, a photographers paradise! Michel Hammann is a Dutch, veteran travel and nature photographer who has vast experience travelling around Iceland. He feels completely in his element in vast, rugged landscapes untouched by man. He enjoys travelling the world looking for remote and extreme wildernesses. In recent years, he has discovered the Arctic destinations, Alaska, Spitsbergen and Iceland. He is not perturbed by the fact that it can reach 20 degrees below zero, as long as the light is good. If it isn’t, he waits until it is. We at Stuck in Iceland were intrigued by his extensive collection of videos and ph

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We had the privilege of visiting the Whaakari volcano (White Island) a few months before the eruption of 9 December 2019 occured, unfortunately with tragic consequences. We are holding the victims of this

terrible disaster in our thoughts.

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For over 30 years, I am a dedicated user of Nikon camera's and lenses. 

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