"It is often said that there are no more frontiers to explore.

 Alaska is the great exception"


On the northern edges of the New World there is a vast continuous wilderness with dimensions that go far beyond our European imagination.

Alaska is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, separated from Russia by the Bering Street and in the east it is adjacent to Canada (Yukon Territory and British Columbia). Alaska extends to an area around the arctic circle of 586,400 sq. miles.

Alaska is an impressive area with an infinite variety of landscapes and natural beauty.

It is a country with magnificent mountain ranges with the highest peaks in the United States,

it has more than 100,000 glaciers, some of immense. proportions. It has 3 million lakes, forests,

tundra, taga and deep fjord coasts.

Alaska is a country where bears and reindeer can roam freely and where the surrounding

seas teem with life.

Follow us on our journeys through Alaska and experience incredible adventures in one

of the most pristine areas of the North American continent. 

The pictures and background stories are a source of inspiration for those who are interested

in Alaska or for those who are perhaps planning to travel through this magnificent area!

In the gallery a random selection of our most favorite Alaska shots

Kayakking in Alaska allows you to experience another side of this magnificent destination.

Where the road ends, the real Alaska begins!

With less than 10,000 miles of road in a state one fifth of the size of the US, flying is the only way to reach backcountry areas in Alaska.

Bush planes offer the opportunity to view the most remote areas of Alaska in a perspective that is impossible to get while travelling over land.

The small planes are equipped with floats to land on lakes or rivers while others deploy ski's to land on snowy glaciers.

Join us on our once-in-a-liftime flights over a variety of dramatic terrains and get an up-close view of snow-capped peaks and glaciers!

More updates follow soon.

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